Gplex Dialer issue fixed

New and updated Gplex dialer is available now.

gPlex Dialer (Version 1.26) Download Link for Nokia Symbian Mobile. KSA, UAE and all other country Only for Oman

gPlex Dialer (Version Download Link for Android Mobile.

For KSA, UAE and all other country:


For Oman Only:


Please enable the following settings at your ANDROID phone to download the dialer by browsing given link.

STEP1. Go to your ANDROID Phone Setting MENU.

STEP2: At setting select the security Option.

Step3: Please tick/check the unknown sources.

Please follow the following procedure to download the gPlex dialer (Version for ANDROID from Play Store:

Step 1: Go to your ANDROID phone Menu

Step 2: Select the Google Play Store application.

Step 3: Search with gPlex Mobile dialer

Step 4: Select the Application, tap to Install Accept & download

Step 5: Open the application & place your Brand Pin to run the dialer.

Step 6: Enter Pin

Step 7: Enter Password

Gplex Antiblock mobile dialer new release available now !

Gplex Mobile dialer is one of the greatest dialer in VoIP industry.Recently a new version of Gplex Dialer for Android and Nokia symbian has been released by Genusys Inc(Trade92 technology partener). The latest version came up with better voice quality and works in all VoIP blocked countries and in all networks. Please use below links
to download dialer for Symbian & Android.
Trade92 Brand code is 5082 Brand name (Free tell)

Dialer download link for Symbian:


Dialer download link for Android:


Microsoft buys Nokia for $7.2billion

Microsoft buys Nokia for $7.2billion in latest attempt to edge out Apple and Google in phone and tablet market

Nepal Rate starts from .089$

Nepal Multiple routes available rates starts from .089$.

Other special offers for Afghanistan, Egypt and Sudan. for more information Please contact:

Common mistakes to avoid when selecting your VoIP Provider

Did You Know?

1) A number of VoIP providers including Skype charge .039$ and even more on each call as connection Fee.

2) Rates are charged in Eurocents per minute and calls are rounded up to next minute for Agents and resellers.

3) Fair usage polices are applied on unlimited packages.

4) Limited Free days offers and double charges after finishing the free days.

Avoid hidden charges and choose the right VoIP service provider

Trade92 Offers….

Free Call Connectivity No Connection Fee.

No hidden charges, free packages, Fair usage policy and NO free days confusions.

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Pakistan Premium Route offers

Pakistan white Premium @.099 please contact sales for more information. Greay routes are on special promotion IP to IP clients and Resellers can contact sales for details.